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Ivo Karel Feierabend

Prof. Ivo Karel Feierabend, Ph.D. was born in 1927 in Prague in a family of politician Ladislav Feierabend. After the war he studied at Charles University of Law. In 1948 the entire family migrated. Ivo Feierabend studied political science at the University of Berkeley and achieved academic career in the USA. He is emerit professor of Political Science at State University in San Dieg. He is a member of the Democratic Club since 1996.

Martin Hampl

Prof. Dr. Martin Hampl, PhD. was born in 1940 and he is listed among the leading Czech geographers. He works at the department of Social Geography and Regional Development at Charles University. He is a member of Czech Taught Society and since 1990, he is also a member of the Democratic Club.

Dušan Hendrych

Prof. JUDr. Dušan Hendrych, PhD. was born in 1927 in Most and he i sone of the leading experts in Czech administrative law. Nowadays, he works as an emerit professor at the Law Faculty of Charles University. He is a member of the Democratic Club since 1948.

Miroslav Novák

Prof. Dr. Miroslav Novák, who was born in 1953 in Pilsen, i sone of the founders of political science in Czech countries. Prior to Novermber 1989, he studied in Prague. Afterwards he emigrated to Switzerland where he continued his studies and received his doctorate degree. After change of régime, he came back to the Czech Republic and became the first professor of political science. Today he teaches at several universities. He is a member of the Democratic Club since 1998 and currently he is at a position of a chairman.

Edvard Outrata

Ing. Edvard Outrata was born in 1936 in Brno. He is educated as an economist, he i salso a former senator. After emigrating in 1968, he worked in the statistical office of Statistics Canada. In 1993, he retired and returned to his homeland. He was appointed chairman of the Czech Statistical Office (CSO) in order to estabilish procedures that are common in western democracies. In the autumn 2000, he was elected as a independent candidate to the Senate. He i sone of the members of EGSAB and also a member of the Statistical Council of the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Democratic Club since 2000.

Zdeněk Pavlík

Prof. Ing. Zdeněk Pavlík, MD. was born in 1931. He is one of the founding members of the Democratic Club and from 1992 to 2009 he was chairman of the Club. He is one of the leading Czech demographers. In 1964, he joined the Faculty of Science at Charles University where he still works as an emerit professor. He is a co-founder of the European Association for Population Studies. Professor Pavlík contributed significantly to the development of all the areas of Czechoslovakia and overall to Czech demographics.

Mojmír Povolný ()

Prof. JUDr. Mojmír Povolný, Ph.D. Dr.h.c., who was born in 1921 in Měnín, was a lawyer and political scientist. He studied law at Masaryk University and emigrated in 1948. He taught at universities in Tokyo, Chicago and at Lawrence University in Appleton, where he was a dean and president. From 1993 until 2011 he was chairman of the Council of mutuality of Czechs and Slovaks. He died in the USA in 2012. More information is available in Dk-Dialogue 5-6/2001. He was a member of the Democratic Club since 1995.

Josef Srbený ()

JUDr. Josef Srbený, PhD. was born in 1928 in Horní Počernice. After graduation in Prague he began his law studies at the Charles University and in the years 1963-1968 he completed his postgraduation research in constitutional law. Afterwards he worked in the prosecution systém and he participated in the preparation of several constitutional acts. He was the first chairman of the Democratic Club since its legalization until 1992. He is the author of the most of written materiál from 90’s and particularly Democratic seminars. His obituary is available in Dk-Dialogu 2/2010.

Karel Vaněček ()

Doc. MD. Karel Vaněček DrSc. forever left us on January 18, 2010. He belonged between the founding members of the Democratic Club He was born in 1928. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University and afterwards he worked as a hygienist in the regions of Ostrava and Opava. He also worked as a specialist in child virology in Prague. He also lectured in this subject. Short orbituary can be found in Dk-Dialogu 1/2010.

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