Statement No. 52: On passing of the South Bohemia schools system management to Communists

On passing of the South Bohemia schools system management to Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

As the media have informed recently, the newly elected South Bohemia  Region Council have appointed a representative of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia the Council member responsible for the schools system.

This decision of the top Region Body from one of the important Czech Republic regions makes us extremely alarmed even when it is not in conflict with the state of law of the Czech Republic. Namely it passes the principal influence on the appointments and recalls of school headmasters and on the general  education programmes and the application of these in the education programmes of schools i.e. on the contents of tuition proper, into the hands of Communists. This is opening the path to Communists for adaptation of tuition in the lines of Communist ideology: for the interpretation of history, of the economic and social processes, for the life values scale formation of children and youngsters and their attitudes to the world.

We are appealing therefore

  • to South Bohemia Region Representatives to reconsider the decision concerned;
  • to South Bohemia Regional President, to hinder the significant influence of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia on the appointments and recalls of headmasters and any political purges in the schools;
  • to current headmasters and unions in the schools, to defend the level of democracy reached by their active citizen attitudes and to openly report all tendencies of its limitation or the tuition indoctrination;
  • to the parents of pupils, to pay attention to the tuition of their children and to protest against any tendencies of distorting history and to keep employing all the chances offered by the contemporary democracy of ours to make the public aware of such tendencies; according to our experience, such tendencies will certainly appear;
  • to democratic political Parties and movements, not to admit the development of such a situation in the region.

In none of the Czech Republic regions gained the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia the absolute (more than half) majority of votes. The democratic Parties coalitions have to be preferred even in situations where it is not an ideal solution. A coalition with Communists means a starting point for democracy liquidation.

Democracy ripens over a long time and slowly. It requires several generations in order to create sufficient mechanisms within the society for its own defence. Our democracy is too fragile so far, the manifestations of its fragility are percepted by everyone. The more desirable it is, to give it space enough, for it to be able to ripen, to cultivate itself and to strenghten in the decades following. The more urgent it is, to prevent Communist ideology to attain a significant influence on the formation of children´s and youngsters´ attitudes to the world and on the information that they obtain at schoul. The school system is a neuralgic point in every society from the viewpoint of democracy´s perspective.

Prague, November 27, 2012.

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