About us: Democratic club

  • is a nonpartisan political organization (founded in 1948, legalized in 1990), whose aim is to support democracy and democratism;
  • understands the necessary existence of political parties and movements in a democratic society;
  • recognizes a need for existence of nonpartisan political organizations to assist in forming democratic society, independently of political
  • follows how the democratic principles has been applying  in the organization of state and society, and in the activities of political parties;
  • takes steps against all expressions of non-democratic actions;
  • issues official views on subjects of current political concern from the point of view of democratic principles;
  • organizes discussion meetings and lectures on current political issues;
  • publishes Dk-Dialog for its members;
  • offers its members a chance to participace actively in political life without commitment to a particular political program;
  • does not promise its members any functions, power or special treatment;
  • welcomes among its members anybody who supports democratic principles regardless whether he or she is or is not a member of any democratic political party or movement.

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